Aussie Boat Covers

Aussie Boat Covers has been operated by Neil Hancock - the boat industry expert with over 30 years of experience.

He was formally trained in marine and automotive upholstery at Batman Automotive College (TAFE).

Neil started his career winning 3 annual awards as a best apprentice.

Since that time Aussie Boat Covers created over 2500 boat covers in Melbourne for various models of boats and yachts.

Neil is our expert in boat interior and exterior solutions. He owns a boat himself and is happy to share his knowledge with Aussie Boat Covers staff and with you - fellow boat enthusiast.

Neil Hancock is a recognized expert Marine Trimmer and a 2013 STA & OFPANZ winner of Award of Excellence in Marine Fabrication.

He is currently a board member of the Boating Association of Victoria, the Chairman of the Marine Fabricators Division of the Specialised Textiles Association.

He is also a trade teacher delivering training for Certificate III in Automotive and Marine Trimming Technology to apprentices in Victoria at Holmesglen TAFE.

Neil Hancock is the chairperson for the BIA education committee and the President of the Chelsea and Districts Basketball Association.

Neil Hancock

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In 2014 Neil was recently awarded a Master Craftsman Certification from the Marine Fabricators Association in America which is a division of the International Fabrics Association.

Neil is available for consultations, training sessions, discussions of design.

Invite Neil as a Public Speaker or Trainer of your staff in a boat club, yacht club or other organization.