Boat Covers

If your boat does not have a proper boat cover sun, rain and dust will eventually damage your gel-coat, upholstery, carpet, and instrumentation.

A boat cover protects the boat from deterioration. According to some researchers, a quality boat cover increases the lifetime of a boat by 50%.

What Boat Cover is For You

When deciding on a boat cover we recommend you consider the current value of your boat, your budget, conditions of storage and the usage.

In most cases you would need a custom boat cover that covers the boat completely. Such covers take care of all appliances and accessories on the boat, and fit snugly.

Aussie Boat Covers will design and manufacture a custom boat cover for more expensive boats such as Sea Ray, Seawind, Haynes Hunter.

Aussie Boat Covers can recommend and supply affordable, ready to use boat covers for lower-priced boats.

Boat Cover Materials

In our boat cover designs we use:

  • marine grade stainless tubing
  • acrylic canvas
  • strata glass
  • vybak
  • stamoid

We ensure that your boat cover is totally waterproof.

At the same time breathable materials we use, allow the moisture accumulated on the boat to evaporate and keep the boat dry.

Boat covers on average last from 5 to 8 years

Australian Weather Conditions

boat cover materials

In harsh Australian conditions boat cover materials should be able to resist ultraviolet rays to keep the colour of the boat - fresh.

Aussie Boat Covers uses boat cover materials that hold 10 years manufacturer's warranty.