Spray Dodgers

A spray dodger is a boat canopy. In our designs we use acrylic canvas stretched over a framework of stainless steel tubing. A Spray dodger is an important part of the boat because it serves as a shelter for the crew in the cockpit and shields the main cabin from rain and spray.

A spray dodger must be able to fold down flat easily against the cabin top to reduce windage during storms at sea, and in exposed anchorage. Otherwise it becomes vulnerable to big seas.

In order to allow views forward and to the sides, spray dodgers have plastic windows.

Spray Dodger Care

Spray Dodgers

The marine acrylics we use in spray dodger designs have been specifically designed for use in marine covers.

It will provide many years of service and protection to your boat.

Aussie Boat Covers recommends simple cleaning to prolong the appearance of spray dodgers.

Cleaning Tips

  • Clean and dry boat covers before winter storage.
  • Clean regularly to prevent dirt becoming embedded in the fabric.
  • Brushed off loose dirt without pressure
  • Clean with warm water and a natural soap solution, then rinse thoroughly.